Time Crisis Strike

Time Crisis Strike Lite 1.0.1

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Namco's famous arcade game comes to the iPhone

This program can no longer be downloaded

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  • Great sound and graphics
  • Three difficulty settings


  • The level is very short


This program can no longer be downloaded

Time Crisis is an iconic arcade series, that is arguably the pinnacle of the light gun on rails shooter genre.

Time Crisis Strike aims to bring the same sharp shooting set pieces to your iPhone. This lite version is only one stage long, but there are three difficulty settings, giving it a bit of longevity.

Control uses the touch screen to shoot, and tilting to take cover. Gameplay is all about firing, taking cover to reload, then popping out to take out the many enemies in front of you. Time Crisis Strike is 'on rails' as you don't control movement beyond taking cover. The game takes you round the playing field, you stop near cover, take out enemies, then are moved on.

The graphics are impressive, and the sound is perfect Time Crisis. You can toggle the tilt controls so that you take cover with a forward or backward tilt. This is not an ideal setup, as you can't view the screen properly when it's tilted away from you, unless you rock forward and back with it! The touch-shoot action is easy in the sense that there is no skill left in aiming, but made harder as your finger will obscure incoming bullets.

Time Crisis Strike feels like the real thing, even if the iPhone's touch and tilt controls don't lend themselves perfectly to this type of game.

iPhone OS 3.0 support


  • iPhone OS 3.0 support

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